The N Word

May 4, 2017
By sydney.devaney BRONZE, Falling Waters, West Virginia
sydney.devaney BRONZE, Falling Waters, West Virginia
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How did you sit there and watch your classmate's attack?
Not because she was violent, but because she was black.
A boy with his hood up and an Arizona sweet tea,
Was still called a thug, and that's all you see.

How could you there sit and say "the N word?"
And what you don't realize is it cuts like rusty swords
You say you're not racist,
But you defend a murderer that says, "It was self-dense."

"It's just a joke. I wouldn't say it to their face."
Is what you say to cover up your issue with race.
Have you not seen all the blood that's been shed?
Our "stars" are in blue, but our flag is still red.

The author's comments:

This piece was modeled after the song and poem "Strange Fruit." The frist draft was created in February of 2017 as a Black History Month work. After some revision it was put into Spring Mills High School's literary magazine "Lucid." 

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