A Universe of Thought

May 4, 2017
By corbin.powell BRONZE, Huntington, Indiana
corbin.powell BRONZE, Huntington, Indiana
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As the thoughts of an expansive universe and the size of it all and the size of a tiny being such as the small kid whose mind is filling up with the thoughts about the universe grow, his mouth stops, his voice is gone as his mind races to conclusions that will never be solved, when that kid is silent his mind is an entire universe and how it might've started, and how it will inevitably end. Everything he is thinking about and everything that is around him, although everything around him is less corporeal as the thoughts inside his head. Will end one day. In science class and wonderful animated movies they talk about the "circle of life" and how when one thing dies others live. That rule will one day stop. Nothing in this universe is infinite and one day this vibrant world, this gigantic world filled with unimportant tiny bits of carbon that fall in love with other tiny bits of carbon, those who press their lips against others to feel that spark of life, in a dead cold and empty infinite space, will cease to exist, no matter, no energy, no more insignificantly ignorant pieces of carbon with an even smaller piece of carbon to send even smaller sparks though their tiny piece of carbon to feel that spark of life, just nothing. Having just an infinite amount of nothing is a giant waste of space don't you think? So let's use this space to its fullest extent. So even when the thoughts of a universe can't exist in itself, it won't seem like so much wasted space.

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