Through the Pines

May 4, 2017
By emilyellis GOLD, Schoharie, New York
emilyellis GOLD, Schoharie, New York
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Your eyes pale in the cover of the trees,
But I can feel them staring at me,
Burning a hole in my chest…
My legs… my neck,
But I know it’s what I came for,

And I scan your features too,
Looking for a target to throw my heart,
But I miss
And it flops in the pine needles
That flinch at the sudden weight

Of my salt-soaked intentions…
We’re lost in our own silence
As our feet fall in unison
And the sun pokes through,
Illuminating the tenderness of it all

And I can’t peel my eyes
From your eyelashes,
The way they kiss the veins
In your eyelids [goodbye] with every blink
And the birds are whispering in my ears,

But I don’t dare to listen to their fears,
For the pounding in my chest
Has my sole attention
And the pounding in my chest
Is your sole intention

And it sets the rhythm,
So we stomp and we dance
And we indulge in the innocence
That flows like honey between our fingers
And we won’t speak a word

In fear of drawing the shadows closer,
Instead we rest our heads
In the hands of the moss
And I gaze at the blue beginnings looming over,
The cumulus clouds are so inviting…

So enticing,
I’d settle them on my tongue
And let their fibers melt down my throat
Until I felt weightless too
And I’d pull you through the sky

And I’d show you what to do…
Open your arms and your mind,
Let the moisture in the air
Cling to your thirsty skin
And feel free, and feel weightless,

We can float on forever
Until we hit the horizon
With a smack to the skull
And a slap on the back
That sends us soaring to the canopy below,

We can greet the ground, an open invitation,
The wind would whistle through our teeth
And I know we’d be together
With a settled fate set in place,
Our heads planted firmly in the ground.

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