The White Ocean

May 3, 2017

A place , each desired to see
Was right there in front of me
A world of infinite possibilities
Even death and enmity.

It was something I woke up to ,
Opening my eyes in the middle of the night
Wondering how the sun rose and time flew.
It feels like sleeping 30,000 feet above the ground has bestowed you with transcendent invincibility.
Making you the sole lord of this perpetual reign...

This was no place where people's dreams
And desires turn to dust,
Its where the whole legacy of superlative enchanting tale begins.

With butterflies dancing in my stomach
I see a sudden ray of sun twitching the pure white surface of the ocean.
Albeit, all lies a big blue sky
Permitting us to pierce throught its azure it had manifested by it's eld.

As we proceed further
we go sinking into the White Ocean,
Where I see traces of civilisation.
I believe with the rising sun
I rose too.

This mesmerising change of panorama left me baptised with a brand new vision of life.
If I were to choose,
I'd build a massive castle of fine glass,
With windows and doors always open to all.
For everyone in my kingdom shall be treated with warmth.
Unlike the heaven of gods.

The believes I behold are far beyond my years.
For I see a blend of the earth and the sky
Not the horizon , as its just a lie.
It's just a fine line which divides the two
While horizon is just another mated pulchritude.

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