My soul

May 3, 2017

I remember.
After all these years I remember the worst ones.
The worst memories;the ones that hurt the most.
I look back and realize I've hidden them.
Ive buried them deep;where no know would dare look.
Not even the devil would bring me to confess the searing pain of those memories.
There was a reason for them;the memories.
I have nothing else to cling to.
Nothing but reason.
As I look back I didn't remember who I was when I Looked in the mirror.
All I knew was that the person looking back wasn't me.
I see a more realistic and battered me in the mirror.
I have so much weight on my shoulders.
The mistakes i've done.
I was too young to have even seen such things.
My age is the worst part.
I have only lived 14 years and my life hasn't even started.
I am scared for what is yet to come.
Will I survive through it all?
I know one thing I don't want misery no matter how much I may deserve it.
Most of all i'm ashamed of the shell I was once.
I didn't care who got in my way.
I thought I was the queen.
I was foolish and demented.
Now I know, I know that the person I am now is me.
I found myself along the way, I may even be a little too nice.
Yet throughout it all I found myself.
I saw who I was, when it left no hints in the past.
I made the change.
I made my soul.
My soul.

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