May 3, 2017
By Arlette Sanchez BRONZE, Hemet, California
Arlette Sanchez BRONZE, Hemet, California
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You’ve changed.
We used to be best friends, sisters, damn you were even my “ride to die” person.
You used to be so sweet and even though in the inside you were a wreck, you’d always find the best out of everything and anything.
I remember when I was the person you'd go to when you needed something and although I wasn't always the bestest friend, you dealt with me.
And I guess you can put the blame on me, I mean I did disappear one day and never came back, but was that really a good enough reason to beat yourself down and become the person you are today?
My best friend was an amazing person who loved dancing and wouldn’t bother having to stay in during lunch for tutoring. My best friend wouldn't mind letting me say what was on my mind and ramble about some stupid guy who broke my heart.
But you?
You aren’t my best friend.
My best friend doesnt down a bottle of vodka in one night by herself or sneak out at midnight to smoke a bowl with someone who doesn't care about her.
My best friend doesn't push her friends away because she doesn't like the people they talk to.
My best friend always kept her promises and never went behind my back.
And most importantly, my best friend wouldn’t shut me out when I needed her.
So you? Yea you aren’t my best friend, you’re not even considered a friend.
You’re just someone I used to know. A stranger. And there is nothing I can do to change that about you, “best friend.”

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