Who Am I to Say?

May 3, 2017
By , Westwego, LA

Sometimes I see things. And I can never seem to get them out of my head.
Yesterday I saw a boy struggling with his bike. Nobody went to help him.
A week ago, I saw a girl crying in pain from a scrape on her knee. Not a single person comforted her.
Last month, there was a homeless man, starving and desperate for a kind soul. None appeared.
A year ago, I saw a story on the news about hate crimes. They’ve only increased in number.
Five years ago, there was a woman sobbing, desperate for help from anyone to heal her country. Her country is still locked in war.
But other times, I see miraculous deeds:
a woman giving her money to the ones in need of it,
a family offering assistance in soup kitchens,
peace ambassadors trying to negotiate terms for the betterment of others,
and many more heart lifting scenes.
So maybe there are many terrible things that happen in this world,
but maybe the good actions of others atone for any wrong that has happened.
But who am I to say?

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