May 3, 2017

There is 60 seconds in a minute,
3,600 seconds in an hour,
86,400 seconds in a day,
604,800 seconds in a week,
2,592,000 seconds in a month,
31,104,000 seconds in a year,
2,457,216,000 in a lifetime.
I’ve wasted 528,768,000 seconds in my life so far,
Leaving me left with 1,928,448,000 seconds,
Of my 528,768,000, 49,896,000 have been in school,
102,816,000 have been wasted by sleep,
43,545,600 have been wasted by one year of work,
Meaning I have only lived 332,510,400 seconds of my life,
Of that 332,510,400 seconds, 155,520,000 I’ve been dealing with depression,
I’ve only happily lived 176,990,400 seconds in my life,
But back to the total 1,928,448,000 I have left,
1,928,447,999; 1,928,447,998; 1,928,447,997;
Slowly, it counts down,
I mean, they are only seconds,
Precious seconds that we are all losing,
As each second goes by,
I only get more depressed,
Realizing that I’m sitting here wasting it,
This is probably a bad idea,
Counting down the last seconds of my life,
Instead of enjoying them,
I sit here and calculate the amount of time i have left,
1,928,447,994; 1,928,447,993; 1,928,447,992; 1,928,447,991; 1,928,447,990…..

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