May 3, 2017
By Nani... BRONZE, Charlotte , North Carolina
Nani... BRONZE, Charlotte , North Carolina
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As I laid in the back of a strangers car staring at the lights with friends all intoxicated by the burn of liquor, I wondered how did I get here, not in the back of the car but to this point in my life. I'm unfocused and intoxicated. Like damn I can barely write but I am so clear minded. Well at least I think I am. But in all reality, I'm a f***ing mess. I always make the wrong decisions and you just might be one of them, I hate myself but my tears have run dry, my mind cries but my eyes can't water. I'm just lost and trapped in a bottle of whatever I last drank. The only thing I can think of is when Will I become sober again, when will I finally learn to make the right decisions and when will I be able to cry. When will I truly stop hating myself. But in the end I just keep finding myself trapped in the bottle realizing that in the end we are all just trapped in something, but for you it just might not be a bottle.

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Feeling a little lost and intoxicated

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