Rainy Days

May 3, 2017
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My eyes are in a deep
paralyzed gaze,
watching the raindrops streak
down the foggy window,
leaving behind small streams.
All my thoughts that are
kept in their mental jail cell
break free and spill
out into the open,
and fill the empty walls
with the portraits of my
I am alone,
surrounded with the
sharp silence,
and can hear nothing
but my faint heartbeat,
aching in the moment
of isolation,
and longing for a
true love.
Only then does the brittle
breeze seep through the
tiny crack of the open window,
touching my pale skin,
and giving me a slight shiver.
As the raindrops get louder,
playing on their drums,
I can’t help but to think,
Let it rain,
Let it rain,
Let it rain.

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