The Beach

May 2, 2017
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There is nothing like the arrival of a salty breeze
Little kids build sand castles on their knees
All one could think is, I want more please

Water as blue as the magnificent sky
The most pleasant sound at any time is hearing the tide

People search up and down the sand for beautiful shells
We think to ourselves this is truly heaven on earth, not hell

The feeling when our toes have finally felt the scrunching sand
Something so accessible for others, but for some it is truly grand

The sun is as bright as can be, yet it is still something we yearn
Sunscreen is needed to prevent a terrible sunburn

Palm tree leaves sway side to side
Just as the birds that fly over enjoy the ride

Footprints in the ocean avoid nature’s seaweed, sharks, and jellyfish
To be able to go to the beach is a fulfilled wish

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