The Boy With Empire State Building Dreams

May 2, 2017
By samantha8 BRONZE, Coral Springs, Florida
samantha8 BRONZE, Coral Springs, Florida
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I know a boy who has dreams that rise up to the sky like empire state buildings
He is bursting with ambition, putting his feet on paths that ascend to his dreams
He's positive energy radiating, challenging the impossible,
Keeping high spirits even when he's down
He's always asking for more from the world,
Not out of greed but but out of pure wonder and excitement to greet the world outside
He's always looking to better himself,

Never wanting to plateau but instead continually improve
I know he will succeed and reach his dreams,
But all I ask is that he looks down and sees the world in his hands already
and enjoys the journey no matter its pace,
keeping the anticipation but never giving into impatience. 

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