Calla Lilies For Lucy

May 2, 2017
By Intoxicated_Twins_ BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
Intoxicated_Twins_ BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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I hear her laugh reverberating in my sleep,

I dart awake and she wasn't next to me.

She always slept beside me,

But I remembered why my bed was so empty.


I played with Lucy in her garden.

The only flower she ever grew were calla lilies.

She had told me it was because they were

Symbolic to innocence.


I laughed and thought it was perfect,

Because Lucy was innocent and sweet,

I told her that nothing else belonged there.

But no flower lasts forever, they all die after spring.


They told me to keep my eyes closed,

And my mouth shut.

For if I refused to do so,

They would expose false claims against her.


My hands tied behind me.

Mouth covered with tape,

Even if I wanted to scream for help,

I couldn't... And that's when they dragged her in.


We sat staring at each other,

Her eyes watered,

But mine held strong for her sake.

They doused us,



As they lit the match, flames,

And they had only put out my fire so I could

Watch Lucy burn, without any mercy.


I watched it all happen as if it were in slow motion.

Why didn't they use gasoline you ask?

It is more heinous and painful - Yes.

My guess is that they needed me alive and traumatized.


Well, they got what they wanted from me,

My best friend's life and my need for 


But I never got that revenge.


And that's what kills me to this day.

It wasn't Lucy's fault and they should


Have brought her into this.


But I knew deep down inside,

Lucy would not have wanted my revenge.

So I had laid her to rest with those lilies,

As I looked to the sky and said goodbye.

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