Da Patypus

May 2, 2017
By gaguilera BRONZE, St. Rose, Louisiana
gaguilera BRONZE, St. Rose, Louisiana
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Once upon a hot summer day, the sky rumbled and began to turn gray
Agent P got a call from Major Monogram and Carl
Doofenshmirtz put the tri-state area in great danger because, to evil, he was no stranger
Quoth the Platypus, “Gurr, I am here to save the day!”

Doofenshmirtz had a plan to turn everyone into a gingerbread man
Perry had to act quick and be very slick
Agent P put a stop to Doofenshmirtz, saving the people from their potential hurts
Quoth the Platypus, “Gurr, I’ll save the day as fast as I can!”

Agent P defeated Evil incorporated; as always, doofenshmirtz’s plan was overrated
Perry Kicked some Doofenshmirtz butt, and, to evil, the door was shut
Doofenshmirtz cried like a baby; will there be more evil? Maybe
Quoth the Platypus, “gUrr, I feel bad for the women Doof has dated!”

The tri-State Area was doomed, and, in the air, evil loomed
Perry Stopped the plan that Doof had schemed, so the people were safe as they dreamed
The sky was once again blue, and the people’s supposed safety was once again true
Quoth the Platypus, “Gurr, No one will become gingerbread crumbs to be broomed!”

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