Breaking Ice

May 2, 2017

Are there truly ways to help people?
Or are they just myths and lies
That our parents tell us
So that we can seem nice
It’s who you truly are on the inside that matters the most though
My parents are very Christian
As is my entire family
Since that is the way we are
That is all I know
I’m sorry if I get in the way
Annoy you
Act stupid
Ignore you
Or if I’m just flat out stupid
But people make mistakes
Do they not?
I grew up believing that the entire world was perfect
My seventh-grade year is the year that changed that view
I learned so much
Helping people only hurts them more
I learned that the world isn’t perfect
I was given the opportunity to help someone
But I only hurt them more
I feel like there is nothing I can do
Like she is drowning in an ocean
With impenetrable ice covering the top
Me up above
Wanting to help
Spending hour
Upon hour
Trying to break the ice
Trying to help someone
As I have failed to do so in the past.
Is there anything I can do to break the ice?
I know there is something
I can do to help everyone
I know there is a way
I can help
I just need to believe in myself
Have faith in myself
Truly believe that I can.
I know there is a way
I just have to find it.

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