Schizophrenic Prayer

May 2, 2017

May the line between reality and insanity be a little bit clearer
May the blurriness you have come to speak be a little bit easier
May the pain you have come to feel lessen a little bit faster
May the frustration of your friends and family be a little less hurtful
May the truth in your heart, under the delusions, be a little bit happier
May the lies you've told me disappear before my eyes
May the children understand why you're different
May the doctors help you live the life you're living
May the therapists listen without judgment
May I be there for you when you're breaking down
May I be there for you when your safety is not sound
May I see the things you do when your world is full of binding tools
May the clinical insanity abate
May you keep the things you have at stake
May I love you a little deeper
May I understand the clarity of the mental picture when it not just that
May I finally understand the insanity that has brought you out of our beautiful, real land.

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