With My Pride

May 2, 2017
By ThomasTheTrainEngine BRONZE, Bridgeton, New Jersey
ThomasTheTrainEngine BRONZE, Bridgeton, New Jersey
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I remember sitting at the lunch table

across the girl of my dreams.

You had oversized glasses

and a brown skirt

that dropped below the knee.

You knew my name,

You knew my problem's name.


Days pass and you grew quiet.

Your beautiful smiles, 

your goofy laugh,

all but just a memory.

You've changed.

You gravitated towards my enemy's door

and opened it.

You were with them now.


They were my problem,

the bleeding sensation

that seeps from my head;

the word they used 

to exile me from love.

I was alone.


There was a day

where that sensation

has gone away.

The pain I feel now

is more unbearable

than my ribs getting bruised.

The pain I felt 

is when i looked in your eyes

and cried

only for you to look the other way.


They said

If I wanted to love like a man,

then I will be treated like a man.

Those are the words that echoed,

even when I stand on this bridge.

I know you won't care,

but remember me,

not as the prey they fed on,

or as the word they chanted,

but as the girl who loved you.

The author's comments:

I created this piece of writing because I wanted to dig deep when it came to bullying and the extent it could go for the victim. Some problems normally get shoved in the back of your head and could eat away at you and could possibly push you to the limit.

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