The Breath of The Earth- A Tribute To Nature's Beauty

May 1, 2017
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Can you hear it?
The soft, calm bristling of the trees?
The voices of thousands- no, billions- of flowers and bushes?
The life force that flows within their very moist stems?

The wind caresses their ever so delicate leaves,
And the sun's generous light feeds the plants, as a mother would to her infant.
As their daily routine of making food and releasing life-giving oxygen into the air is complete,
The soft rays of moonlight shine onto the ever so silent creatures of the earth,
Who are still awake and active, even after a full day's work.

The mighty, beast-like trees tower above all earth's troubles,
And does their best to avoid the cruel creatures who dominate the earth,
Who turn their brothers and sisters and relatives into paper and industrial needs,
And yet despite these conflicts, the gentle giants feed the planet with clean air to sustain all life, since that is what they live to do.

The little plants who are owned by the kind humans sing joyfully,
For they have a master who is pleased and tolerant of its quiet nature
But for all mankind knows, the little flowers and herbs scream out a silent symphony of celebration.

For only they, the spores of the earth, truly know the value of growth and life and peace.

And as dawn approaches, the plants all tighten and grip into the dirt closer, for as the earth breathes life into us all, they breathe, too.

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