Spyro's Legacy

May 1, 2017

Each time I get extremely mad or far gone,
Strength gathers in my hands that is bygone.


Sometimes it’s only for self defense,
Other times it’s when my stress is immense.


To other people, the transformation is terrifying. 
Can’t say I blame them - but to me it’s gratifying.


Dragons alone possess imposing presence,
As well as mastery over their elemental essence.


These are dragons with powers over one element.
Even though I posses four, I'm not arrogant.


For I’m a Dragon Slayer, a disciple of Spyro’s legacy.
To those that think otherwise, I hear nothing but heresy! 


To other Dragon Slayers, I have much more control.
I don’t use my powers, since it leaves giant holes.


To those that wish to know what powers I honed,
Brace yourself! For you have been warned.


As I assume my purple dragon form,
Scales spread on my skin like a thunder storm.


My skin hardens and burns as my spine unwinds;
They reveal great wings that makes my foes blind.


Those that kill for glory or appetite are beings I despise.
When I reveal my dragon form, enemies face their demise!


I assume half my dragon form, don’t dare be swayed.
If I were to fully transform, my bloodlust can’t be staid.


I fight like this only when evil proves too strong.
Those that think I’m weak are extremely wrong.


For my powers come from the great dragon Spyro.
I possess control over earth, thunder, ice and pyro.


When I use Spyro’s power it overwhelms armies.
If that’s not enough, wait until I unleash my furies.


My fire fury involves creating pyro with the sun’s heat.
Once I’ve gathered enough, my foes are dead meat.


My Ice fury calls forth the chills within my cold spine.
It forms into shards, shards that can freeze giant shrines.


The thunder fury comes from the excitement I feel.
The power to overwhelm and break hearts of steel.


The earth fury draws power from the world itself.
Sometimes that power alone can overwhelm myself.


After explaining all of this to thee,
Do you think you can even defeat me?


To be this strong is a crazy thing,
Which is why I’m the next dragon king!

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