A true friend

May 1, 2017

Someone you can talk too.

Someone who loves you.

Someone that pushes you foward.

Someone who helps and care about you.

Thats the meaning of the word friend.

If someone ignores you.

If someone talks about you.

If someone gets you in trouble.

If someone hurts you. 

And you call them friend... don't.

They will hurt you alot.

They will change you.

They will make you be something your not

They will make you be something you dont wanna be.

But there popular you say. So what there popular!

They can talk about you but they were already doing it.

They can make rumours but you know their not true.

But if you ever notice the mean  people never make it.

Yeah they can be smart, but they wont be successful.

They would never be succesful because they follow.

No job would want a follower plus an ugly attitude.

So you do you set the trend with a true friend.

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