Paper cut

May 1, 2017

Isn't it f***ed up how you liked hurting me

Maybe you knew what you were doing
Maybe not
Maybe you just wanted to see what would happen
But one things for sure
You f***ing killed me
You beat me till I was nothing
You screamed till I was deff
You burned me till I was froze
All of this for a bit of amusement?
Your sick!
And you make me sick
I should have never had to go through that
And yet I did I stayed for god knows what reason
And that's where I made my biggest mistake
Feeling so alone
So god damn alone
Not leaving you was a mistake
And when I finally do leave you I think I'll be happy and know what happiness actually feels like
It'll all change when your gone
When you've finally stopped
Stopped belittling me
Stopped verbally abusing me
Making me feel like I'm nothing
Telling me I'm always wrong
Making me feel wrong
Messing with me
And yet you have the audacity to sit there and accuse me as if I've never been hurt before when you've just gotten a paper cut while I'm sprawled on the ground bleeding out screaming Bloody Mary crying for help and yet you stand there feeling self pity for yourself over a silly little paper cut

-she murdered herself with words

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