Lie of a Trip

May 1, 2017
By CrossBow PLATINUM, Harlem, Georgia
CrossBow PLATINUM, Harlem, Georgia
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never blue.


decent cool.

Nothing special.

Nothing changed.

Just another trip

I have been sucked into.


Thought it was a trip

for us to bond,

but became

something I didn't

care for.

I thought it was

going to be

the three us.

Then it became

the five of us.

I was ok,

until it became 

the eleven of us.


Because of this,

I was forced back

into the trip I've

always done.


I go thinking it'll

be fun 

and come back

wishing I'd never 



I thought I wouldn't

be stuck with

the kids like all the other


I was not informed

of these beat.


    Once again

I have been told

     a lie of a


The author's comments:

I went on a trip with my older sister thinking it'll be the three sisters, then her mom and her kid and our other sister and her kids came and their moms son. i was stuck with them and had to babysit them most of the trip.

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