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May 1, 2017
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I learned from my Grandpa to love the unexpected,
Like when he brought delicious dunkin donuts
we ran down the stairs
ripping open the box and tearing into each donut
He talked for a bit then boogie boogied out of there
having that distinctive smell of freshly ground coffee disappear
into the early morning dew
and his little whistle getting taken over by the growl of the big red truck.

I learned to enjoy the audience that he always created,
his cane sitting next to him
mocking him of his real age at every possible moment
and his oldest friend, the windbreaker
that has tasted more coffee than him
hugging him tightly crinkling with every breathe
and his distinctive whistle that always interrupted the show

I learned how to enjoy the stories of his past
that were always told as if he was tom cruise trying to defuse a bomb,
I sat there intently listening while he explained the horrifying story
of having to deliver flowers to a home that was guarded by the mighty Chihuahua
that was missing one eye and was as tough as a Great Dane

Now I teach people to enjoy all their moments
because you don't know how long you have left with your
early morning donuts,
your audience of one,
your stories of a lifetime,
I didn't appreciate it until the donuts stopped showing up
Till the whistle in the audience wasn't there
Till the stories were replaced by cheesy puppeteering
Till I stood there silent with tears in my eyes as the fire department play
the piercing bagpipes for the fallen heros
and hoping that he's just lying there taking a nap
and will wake up with a smile on his face
And have a box of munchkins
just for us

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