I belong to you

April 21, 2017

My words slowly lose meaning around him
Like he is the one
I found myself thinking
If we are meant to be

As i think i hear his voice
Singing in my head
Fragile and delicate
Hearing the words moving

In my head thinking how
We feel when we are togther
I never told you how i feel
so, now you walk away

Never to be heard
So i scream every night
Never to be heard

Only to be held by his voice
So i told you
So you can see who i am
By the words and actions
I have told to you

I no longer have to scream
Cause i know you will listen
to the words i speak

I tell you this
Because it's true
Not to cover who i am
I know now i don’t have to hind

For you would never lie
No matter who you are
Or what you think
I will tell you
Because i learned to trust you…

So, listen to my words so you can hear...

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