Can’t Love You Less (The Prodigal Son)

April 21, 2017

I had two sons
I loved them so
The younger came
Told me to know

That he wanted
What I owed him
He wanted then

I gave him that
Did not say no
I did not want
Him to then go
But off he went

My heart broken
My spirit crushed
My soul was drained
I could not trust

My son no more
He broke my heart
Yet his heart was
Loved from the start

He went away
Far far away
Spent all he had
To spend that day

He fed the pigs
Wanted to eat
What he fed them
In scorching heat

Remembered he
My loving arms
How he was safe
And saved from harm
And off he went

I still missed him
And prayed he would
Come back to me
Waiting I stood

And though he ran
My heart he crushed
I still loved him
And loved him much

He came back to
My loving arms
To work for me
And work quite hard

But while far off
I saw him then
My son walking
I ran to him

My arms I threw
Around his neck
Threw a party
Loved him no less
Than before

My heart rejoiced
My soul proclaimed
My son was lost
Now found and safe

Still loved my son
Lifted his head
Cause he's alive
Before was dead

Why do I love
And love again?
I love much for
I'm forgiven
You're always loved

For nothing you do
Can then effect
The way I love
Can't love you less.

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