A Place

April 21, 2017
By GabeSmitty GOLD, Waco, Texas
GabeSmitty GOLD, Waco, Texas
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There’s a place
It's not a pretty place

There’s no rivers or sunshine
Or rainbows under quite bright lights
But... this is a place

There’s a place
Where there’s no happy days

They are dark and rather grim
And filled with lust and lies and sin
It’s all a waste

There’s a place
No one enchained by fate

Because their wrists do not exist
And 'cause their brains are filled with mist
Their lives erased

See, this place
Becomes an actual place

When you choose to be violent
Bringing life to a place silent
What did you gain?

This place I can’t embrace;

But this is a place
And it’s not a pretty place

The author's comments:

How the world commits acts of murder, bullying... etc is what inspired this poem. Really the taking of a life and how dark that place is whether for the victim or the offender. I hope people will somehow be inspired by this piece and that it will inspire them to treat others with kindness as the bible teaches us.

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