I Am Aware and Astonished

April 21, 2017

I am aware and astonished
I wonder if the war and hurt will ever cease
I hear talk on the radio and tv almost daily. They speak of how horrible these things are, but does anyone actually help?
I see the hurt and pleas for help as bombs and ambushes strike their once peaceful town
I want to help, to give them any sense of comfort


I am aware and astonished
I pretend that everything is alright, that thousands of innocent people aren't dying of a lost cause, people who have sisters, brothers, and mothers, just as we do
I feel my heart heavy as another attack has been reported
I touch the hand of a sufferer, letting them know that someone cares
I worry that it will never end
I cry for innocent angels forgotten


I am aware and astonished
I understand that it's difficult to help everyone, but we aren’t even trying
I say not to worry, that it will all end at some point
I dream of a day where these things don't happen, a day where the innocent can again live peacful lives
I try to understand that that not everyone even cares, or for that matter wants to care
I hope that one day, it will all end
I am aware and astonished

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