Hazelnut Brown

April 20, 2017
By Bastion SILVER, Beloit, Wisconsin
Bastion SILVER, Beloit, Wisconsin
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Your eyes are like a dark deep hazelnut color. They're full of passion and confidence. Ready to tackle the world one chocolate bar at a time.

Time flies when I'm with you. In the sun your eyes are brighter. A softer brown. The type of brown where you can open up and pour your heart out to. I'd know because that's what I did. Your eyes as deep as a ocean. As the Grand Canyon. I'd get lost in them but you always look away when I stare. You know that I care but I can't help but dare to ask what's been on your mind lately. I've been feeling lately you're unsure of yourself. Don't know what's best for you with the cards you were dealt. I'd know I've been unsure of myself too. Don't have a lot but time will run through. Forever can only begin with you. We the perfect two. No clue to as how I got you. Staying up late thanking god for everyday that I can(wish I could) call you mines. Half past 4 and falling asleep now. I just hope I reach you now. You say my poems are great but it's because I always write about you. My queen my baby with the brown eyes. As soft as your hands when they're holding mine. As soft as your heart when I poured mine out to you. Now my dreams are to see all your dreams come true.

I just want to buy you a beach house in New Jersey.

Please don't leave me I promise I'm worthy

Leaving class always in a hurry

To catch up with you

Think about you that's all I do

Think about those dark eyes.

Generous when you look but double cross you'll end up wishing you didn't

Snake her and those eyes will turn as hard and mean as can be.

The prettiest girl I have ever seen and that is not a lie.

It's 4:22 now and I'm still up I don't know why

I'm staying up with you of course

Can't miss a single second talking to you of courseĀ 

Fly you out to Paris and get you a meal, 5 courses

You're birthday is in 87,840 minutes and I'll be waiting every minute like it's my last because every minute I'm not with you might as well be my last. I know I can't change the past but I promise the best future. The future where you're happily married with 3 kids 2 dogs and a little beach house in LA. I promise I'll make it happen let's get away

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