The Mighty Vessel

April 20, 2017

Hello Battleship

Your tides are Rum

Like the sides of my tum

Your a Battleship

The land can hide

But cannot run

With a fight

Which confined

With tons

Of a tight vessel

You’re a Battleship

But what you can cram

with the might of a man

To voyage on

With my luggage of fighters

Just as my space got tighter
Your a empire

But not flimsy like a tire

You're the Mighty Mo

The size of the empire state building

Or the width of Russia

You are the mightiest Battleship

So strong and tall like a skyscraper made of diamonds

With the force of a bull

To not be dull

But like the walls of monte grappa

Or the force of a Terra Cotta Army

But till you in end

In a mighty flame

From whom to blame

You will start to bend

You're the Uss Missouri

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