April 20, 2017
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Family is always there for you.
And when you feel alone
you're actually not because you have your family with you,
When I hear the phrase,
"you don’t get to choose your family, but you get to chose your friends,"
I think  I chose my friends,
but if I don’t get to chose my family than someone else does right?
And I tell myself who else would choose my family for me?
Then it hit me
I know who chose my family and that is someone very special to everyone
he lives up in the sky looking after all of us trying to take us to the right path.
But people don’t want him to show the way
they would rather go their own way
Even though your family isn’t there for you
he lives up in the sky,
and he is part of your family too but you don’t know that yet.
What I do when I feel alone and think that no one is there for me is at night when I am outside I look up at the brightest star
And say help me get through this
help me not feel alone anymore
he will help you,
Because he loves you,
he loves all of us and so do our family
he IS part of our family,
Families all around the world don’t have enough money for their children
they work all day and night
They don’t spend enough time with their kids because of work.
But they still try and with the help of him they can go through it all
I know it's hard for some of you
but there is always a path to take
and he will help you find the correct path.

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