My Darling, My Friend

April 20, 2017
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Oh, my darling! 

How have you come 

To grieve in such a place

As this? 


My darling, my friend

Get off the cold wet pavement

Get that needle out of your skin

You're eyes are bloodshot 


Oh, my darling! 

Dry yourself off 

You're sweating, shaking 

Don't leave the warmth

It's so cold out there 


My darling, my friend 

Listen to what I have to say 

"Stay away from those things

They'll kill you before you know it."

Don't laugh at me, darling 

One day you'll regret it 


Oh, my darling! 

I see you laying on the bathroom floor

You're dying, not crying 

I hold you in my arms but your so still 

Don't leave me yet 


My darling, my friend 

You're back at it again 

You didn't learn the first time

You died and came back 

You thought it would be alright 


Oh, my darling! 

Wake up! Wake up!

Get your needles off the table 

Flush the cocaine down the toilet 

Splash some water on your face


My darling, my friend 

"We're going out tonight

Throw those things away."

"No, not tonight," he says 

"I've got a date with heroine."


Oh, my darling! 

Where have you gone? 

You left me all alone 

But you left your friends behind 

I threw them all away 

I'm sorry 


My darling, my friend 

You make me so mad 

I told you to stay away from her 

But you never seemed to listen 

It was only one date, but you 

Were dating her for a while 

She broke your heart and made it stop beating 

She left you broken 


Oh, my darling! 

Why didn't you listen?

I had asked you for so long

I want to hate you, but I can't 

You were so far gone 


His darling, his friend 

I don't like you at all 

You might be beautiful to some 

And he told me how beautiful you were 

But your looks are decieving 

You're a monster 

Stay away from me 

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