The Book

April 20, 2017

I tell you stories.
I put you to sleep without worries.
I show you pictures.
I give you lectures.

I am stories.
I might be interesting.
You bring me to school.
The again you don’t feel
Cool carrying me around.
You keep me in your locker.

You read me in school.
Sometimes I give you information.
Sometimes I am about history
And tell you what happened in the past.

Sometimes I tell you
About the world.
I help you understand
The world.

I can be funny
But I can be serious.
I can also be boring.

I teach you the things
You need if you read.
When you are bored you pick
Me, you also stare at me
And pretend to read.

I am action.
I am graphic novels.
I am fantasy.
I am sports.
I am drama and I
Am horror.
I am a mystery.

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