The dangerous game of lust

April 20, 2017
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It's a dangerous game everyone plays

but to some, it becomes a trait

for him, it happens to happen everyday

day by day and one by one, he plays

He uses and he abuses the most fragile

he goes for the ones that get attached

he calls them in and he calls them out

like nothing, but a heard of cattle

He is tall, kind to the heart, tender to the soul

the tattoos that cover his oh-so fragile arm

leading up to his neck, send chills through your body

Your mind tells you no, but your body tells you yes

by then its already too far gone, theres nothing that could be

said or anything that could be done to stop you from playing the devils game

you cant escape, and you cant run, from his dangerous game of lust, From beyond

And beyond you go

going limits you never knew you could sustain so deeply

and deep he goes, until hes got a hold of you

then he lets go..


thanks for playing

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