Evil Plague

April 20, 2017

I wish there was something I could do
My friends are crumbling around me
One I can't live without
One I don't want to lose
One I desperately want to help
But I am unable to
I wish I knew a way
To make everyone else not exist
To make her happy
To make her smile and laugh
Like she used to
I wish there was some way to take away
All of the pain and hurt that she has
And take it onto myself
Is there a way?
Is there some way
That I could make her carefree
And make everyone be nice to each other
Everyone stop the bullying and hurting
At night I lay
Searching in my head for the answer
But night after wretched night,
I am still unable to come up with the answer
It's like no one realizes that there is a way
To stop the bullying happening in our school
That way starts with them
Do they just not understand
Or do they truly not wish to do anything
To stop this evil plague
That spreads throughout a school
From one person to the next
A way for the bullies to let out all of their
Anger and frustration
That spreads
Creating a massive murder
Of the spirits of the innocent people
Being bullied.
But I ask you,
Are you willing to stop this?

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