April 20, 2017

In school
There was always the “in-crowd”
Or the cool people
I just didn’t fit the mold
Wasn’t perfect enough
Making the mistake of trying to help someone
Was the worst thing I’ve ever done
My best friend of grade three
Automatically turned on me
I had only asked what was wrong
Getting yelled at and hated for simply trying to help
Wasn’t something anyone would be prepared for
Neither was getting called worthless
And being told that I was just too stupid to understand
How it felt to have your father walk out on you.
After that many people saw me as heartless
Because I figured that not caring
Was better than getting torn apart by your best friend
I never opened up again
Because opening up meant so much pain.
In grade five,
I decided to try again
Opened up
Then I was abandoned
It was as if no one understood
That caring about someone
Could  hurt more than getting called any name

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