Walls and Used to Be Friends

April 24, 2017
By 22mstaup PLATINUM, Bryan, Ohio
22mstaup PLATINUM, Bryan, Ohio
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When we were young
I was always the one
To follow
My parents called me a little sheep
Because that was all I ever did
I met her when we were young
When we were at church together
We used to hang out all the time,
But now
It’s as if there has been a wall built up between us
No matter how much I beat against the wall
It will stand strong and sturdy
Eventually, I got tired
Gave up
She said she wanted to start over our friendship
Little did I know that the decision
Would cost me more pain than it was worth
Days on end of fighting
Putting on a fake smile for everyone
Including her
She was a sheep too
One day
She got a taste of popularity
She changed
I did not
I was left behind like an abandoned toy
That a child had grown out of
And didn’t want to play with anymore
Each day that we spent fighting
Ignoring each other
Or not going anywhere near each other
Was another layer added on to the dreaded wall
The wall was solid
But our friendship was fragile
On the verge of breaking
One simple argument was all it would break us apart
In grade five
I was sitting with my friend
Including her
We got into an argument that was so stupid
And pointless
I don’t even remember what it was about
She left
Not wanting to talk to me ever again
It was like she had moved on
Finished with me
I was so sad
Didn’t know what to do
That wall was absolutely obliterated
And turned into a solid steel wall
Instead of a simple stone wall
That wall can never be torn down
But that doesn’t mean that I’m never going to give up hope
That one day
I will destroy that wall
And we can be best friends again
Although now,
We are very sheltered around each other
I still have hope
That we can be best friends again
Even now,
When we sit with our new separate best friends
I still have hope
That we can be best friends again
Even though
She gets mad at me
And acts like she hates me
And doesn’t include me as much anymore
I still have hope
That we can be best friends again
I know I will break through the wall
I know I can
I just can’t lose hope.

The author's comments:

Sometimes it's hard to lose a friend, so I just wanted to share this. Please comment and let me know what you think!

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