A Victorious Team

April 18, 2017

A heap of commitment
A truckload of drills and exercises
A sprinkle of aggressiveness
One stellar coach
One group of athletic teammates
A heartbeat of adrenaline
A bucket of sweat
A slice of secret plays
A mound of teamwork
One painful week of tryouts

For the best outcome, please start training in the off season.
Take your truckload of drills and exercises and put them to use
Impress your coach during your one painful week of tryouts
Show the team and coach your heap of commitment
Earn your spot among the one group of athletic teammates
Repeat step 2 (Yes, I know they are hard but keep doing them)
During step 6 your mound of teamwork will make an appearance
Take all skills developed in steps 1-7 and use them in game
Win the semi-finals and make it to the state championship game
(Before state game) Refer back to step 2 yet again. Develop a slice of secret plays with your stellar coach and group of athletic teammates. During this step you should produce a bucket of sweat.
(During game) Take your sprinkle of aggressiveness and heartbeat of adrenaline with your athletic teammates and stellar coach and win the game.

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