I am an Adventure

April 18, 2017
By itkyle GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
itkyle GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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I attribute my adventurous soul to the people that came before, especially my grandfather. Although I never got to meet him, my grandma and dad filled me in on countless stories about the kind of guy he was, what he did for a living, and the type of outdoorsy, adventurous person he was that had the utmost respect for nature. He was never known to sit still, and was always doing something. Whether it was walking 18 holes every morning, or planting 1000 trees in a 40 acre field that is now referred to as “Kyle’s Woods”. My grandpa was always doing something to benefit his neighbors, or his family, and always put their wants over his. He worked the same job for 40 straight years after serving in the Korean War in air force, constantly striving towards the next adventure that life led him. He died suddenly in Florida, still maintaining that adventurous spirit right up to the day he died.

After hearing all these stories, I feel that these traits have trickled down into me and that is a big part of why I am an adventure. No matter what the weather is, I try and get outside and do something, whether that is wakeboarding in an open river in 30 degree weather pulled by an ATV, camping trips to Door County with my friends, or ski trips to Aspen I’m always trying to take the most adventurous route. One of my goals is the see whole United States by car and drive out west solo with nothing but my car. I feel today it is my responsibility to maintain the woods my grandpa created, and I love nature. I love being outside in the harsh elements like it used to be, and working in the woods is one of my favorite things. Sitting in school, I am constantly thinking about the next adventure I want to go on. Whether that is seeing all the state parks in Wisconsin, traveling to Iceland, or building a cabin up north. If I am not on an adventure, I’m thinking of the next one and that is why I am an adventure.

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