How to Procrastinate

April 18, 2017
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Multiple sports or other activities requiring commitment occurring at one time
Mound of Pre made plans to last months
A heap of little motivation
One non educational addicting activity (such as youtube, netflix, apps, etc.)
Season with sleep deprivation
And a dab of no self control


Be sure to busy your schedule as much as possible with multiple sports or other activities. If you are committed to multiple activities at once there will be little time to do things necessary and the less likely you will want to do them.

Along similar lines be sure you have a mound pre made plans (best are the ones you can't get out of. Such as events that you already payed for).  This will assure that you will have even less free time to do work and decrease your interest level further.

Make sure you have heap of little motivation to actually sit down and do your work.  If you don`t care then that makes it more likely that you won`t do what's required or you will wait till the last minute.
Continue decreasing your interest by finding one non educational addicting activities.  This will keep all the stress of worrying about finishing work by putting it out of your mind and taking a break from all of the busy days you`ve been having. 

Continue the process of procrastination by seasoning with sleep deprivation by either sleeping instead of doing work or not sleeping.  Not sleeping will cause you to feel even less motivated and also you could use the time of not sleeping to continue engaging in non educational, addicting activities.

Make sure you have a dab of no self control to ensure that you will continue this process until you are stressed out the night before your work needs to be done.

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