How to Have a Miserable Afternoon

April 18, 2017

Flurry of hate
Streak of screw-ups
Crater of mistakes
Valley of rain
Dab of a car crash
Sprinkle of rejection
Slice of failed revenge
Heap of embarrassment

Take the flurry of hate and mix it with a streak of screw-ups (Make sure to blend them well with a lot of people watching.)
Next, take the crater of mistakes and pile them on top of the mixed hatred and screw-ups. This will allow you to add more excitement to your day.
On the side, take a valley of rain and pour it onto/in the car crash (Make sure you cover the entire car).
Add a sprinkle of rejection to both the first mixture and the side mixture.
To finish the recipe, take the slice of failed revenge and combine it with a heap of embarrassment.
Enjoy the day.

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