April 18, 2017
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My family  full of intelligence to carry us in life as far as our dreams will take us. My brother having a mind that conducts science experiments daily, my sister having read books as if she wrote them herself, my father having facts stored in his mind to last an eternity, and myself having the ability to understand statistics before calculations conducted.

My mother posses none of these; however, she is smarter than any one of us. Her intelligence doesn’t knows of textbooks. Her mind understands the people that roam the world like a god would. She knows the words that people dream of hearing. She uses these words to ease people into a calming state, then manipulating to control them like servants. Do her bidding until they become useless to her, like a rogue queen drowning in power. Only the lucky have survived her actions to tell tales of reasons for losing control, only to warn others before the words come back for them.

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