A Recipe for a having a High School Boyfriend

April 18, 2017


A highschool boy (any grade works)
A truckload of time
A galaxy of patience
A flurry of emotions
A mound of money
All of the attention you have just for them
A wink of jealousy
A sprinkle of affection


First thing to do is to find the cutest and sweetest high school boy you can find. After you find the right guy, you need to give him a truckload of your time because he’s gonna want to be with you 24/7. Next you need to get a galaxy of your patience and just give it to him. In addition you’re gonna wanna go through a flurry of your emotions  the entire time you’re dating to keep yourself slightly same. Next you and him are going to go through a mound of money for every date you go on and don’t forget that gentlemen don’t always have to pay! Furthermore you are going to have to give up all the attention you have just for him. And to top it all off you have to add a wink of jealousy and a sprinkle of affection to make sure it lasts. And then you have yourself a highschool boyfriend!

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