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April 18, 2017
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One child
One full day of activities
1 Pair of proper fitting PJs
A dash of proper teeth care
1 Bed full of warmth
An ocean of thoughts
1 Bathroom break

Take the child and mix with one full day of activities. This will allow for the best period of rest when we reach the final step.

Next, take the child and set them into their proper fitting PJ’s and let sit for 15 minutes.

Now, after you have let the child sit, make sure that you mix this child with proper tooth care. This is achieved by brushing their teeth in a circular motion, for about 1 to 2 minutes based on the day’s activities.

(OPTIONAL) If you use this step, allow your child an extra 15 minutes for a bathroom break before you set them in their bed full of warmth. This step usually allows for a better 8-10 hour sit period.

Next, lightly set the child in a bed full of warmth. You can achieve the proper warmth by playing with the thickness and amount of blankets. Some children like their bed warmer while others like theirs cooler, this step is totally based on your child's needs.

Now, mix your child with an ocean of thoughts. This is usually achieved by reading a picture book before the final step. Though there are many quality books you can read them, this step is also based on your child’s interests.

After all of the ingredients are mixed together, let your child sit for 8-10 hours. This will let them refresh, and be ready for another day full of activities.

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