Eyes Poem

April 18, 2017
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Oh I spy with my little eye blue, green, brown, colors tangled together dancing.  Each member in my family has eyes just above the bridge of their nose but each of our eyes is different.  Look in my brother’s eyes and green will be seen, around the pupil a little bit of brown makes them almost look a little yellow.  Long eyelashes paired make his eyes appear more open and fragile as he blink.  My father's eyes so perplex like a maze.  Different color upon different color like enemies clashing unable to find a balance.  Green in one spot, brown in another, more appearance of yellow than in my brothers.  From far away, they look brown. But up close, you will see it doesn't make a quiet sound.  Instead their loud bursts with opinions that differ.  So confusing and different than any other eyes I've seen.  My eyes confusing as well—blue little circle mixed in with green.  Around the pupil brown reaches out a little all the colors blend creating a tye dye ensemble.  Colors blend in like kindergarteners playing with watercolors.  Like the lake on a sunny, clear day mixed with seaweed and where the sand plays.  My mother's eyes different than the rest in my opinion they look the best.  So clear and clean like the ocean peering out by the doc seeing nothing but tranquility—negative energy blocked.  I wish I had my mother's eyes, so gentle and kind.  No makeup paired with them just natural and pure oh how I wish for my mother’s eyes.  Full of no secrets or lies just stories to tell to pass the time.  Eyes are not the same, but can be similar, they are painted by the gods to represent our true colors.

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