Four Family Members

April 18, 2017

 My family consists of four...four competitive, athletic members. We like to win, and never lose. We are like four aggressive animals battling to get food. My brother is the runner, cannot be satisfied with second place. He fights to finish first. My mom and I: the powerlifters. Each day, we make our way to the gym. We lift the weight. There's no mistake. We know when we are ready, we will fight to finish first.
My dad is an athlete no longer. Instead, his competitiveness lives through the TV. Watching as his favorite team plays in the championship, the television teases him. He wishes he was on the court. He is a loyal fan, like an eager mother watching her son play his first soccer game. Whichever team it is, he knows they will fight to finish first.
Each of the four members knows his or her duty. It's the family motto, words we live by: always fight to finish first.

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