My Darling, Eddie

April 12, 2017
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On the floor lies my heart,
In the shape of an envelope
Addressed to you,
My stone-hard sweetheart.
Will you read it, dear,
Now that our love shimmers in the breeze?
Or did your pride take a blow
Strong enough to knock me out too?
I know you’re afraid of these feelings.

My sucker-punched love,
You can’t wish me away.
You can leave my promises sitting in the dirt,
And turn to the west and never look back.
You can fight and flail
Until these emotions succumb
To temporary numbness,
And declare again and again,
How masculine of a man you are.
But you can’t wish away the memories,
And you can’t cross me from your life.
I know you won’t stay.

But baby,
Let’s throw our knuckles to the ceiling,
And scream, and sigh, and fall
In a heap of pure intentions.
I know you see them watching you,
With menacing eyes and clenched fists
That won’t wave,
But darling, those men are trapped
In their black in white thoughts,
And we’re all the gray this town’s got.
So listen to me when I say,
Let’s both not stay,
Let’s both not stay.

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