Black Hole Marionette

April 12, 2017
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Lay me down,
And map my features onto the floor,
Connect my freckles like constellations
Until they form something worth looking at,
Color me in the deepest blue you can imagine,
Letting my endless silhouette captivate your mind.
Let me cradle your curiosity.

Rip me to shreds,
And let my broken body float through the air like stardust,
Let me settle on your skin, prickling it,
And watch me glow in the sunlight.
Let me blind your thoughts.

Liquidate my bones,
And soak the structure of my being in through your pores,
And let me run through your veins,
Let me fill your lungs with a breathless galaxy,
Molding your air-ways into my own.
Let me be your lifeline.

Let your organs collapse into my palms,
And I’ll piece them back together,
My masterpiece, the soul of my universe,
Succumb to the weightlessness,
The endlessness of this,
Be my falling star and plummet into my atmosphere,
You will be eternal here.
Let me be your whole, and only, world.

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