April 12, 2017
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As a kid we were all taught that promises were scarce
and you are taught no matter what your not supposed to break your promise
For some people it stayed that way and promises 
mean the world and for some people…
they don't mean anything.
Do you know what it feels like to have a promise broken
...what it's like for those people who have their promise broken
and may feel alone…
or how about the person that breaks them and think nothing of it.
So they expect you to move on but deep down it hurts
and you have to pretend its okay but really is it okay? 
After awhile you can’t take it anymore
so you lose the ability to trust anyone because you know
in the end…
you always get hurt.
So you start isolating yourself because you feel that's best for you
but is that  really what's best?
You stay home more…
avoid people…
start picking up bad habits to hide the pain. 
Becoming a new person.
Doing things you know you shouldn't
but at this point you'd do anything to hide the pain
but you can only hide it for so long distract yourself for so long
...until it catches back up to you…
...and then what do you do?

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