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Hey, Little Stray

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Hey, Little Stray
Your tail is tucked
From the horror
You had witnessed.
You lost the stock
That gave you pride
And the strong will
To carry on.


Hey, Little Stray
Your neck is exposed
From the collar
You had severed.
You cut the ties
You once had made
With the only ones
You had held dear.


Hey, Little Stray
Your smile is faded
From the brutal
Words you endure.
You no longer
Have the bright grin
You once possessed
On your dour face.

Hey, Little Stray
Your heart is rutted
From the damage
It could not bare.
You stow away
The scattered shards
To hide the fact
You are ruined.


Hey, Little Stray
When will you see
All the beauty
Within this pain?
Your tail, your neck
You heart, your smile
These should not be
What define you.

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