Poem No. 1

April 11, 2017

The water is clear
But my past is stained
You look in my eyes
And all you see is pain

I was a naive child
Yet it was by your design
I loved it all
And that was my crime

I was buried
Deep below the earth
But they didn’t know I was a seed
And I grew with mirth

I grew and I grew
Leaving my sadness behind
Yet still, I feel the ache
As it passes, all this time

I will always be an addict, I buzz with the temptation
And I will always feel the pull
But I am not as I was five years ago,
Young and gullible

Over time I have healed
Over time I have grew
I was able to cut out the bad people I once knew
I am better nowAnd my life is set and sound

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